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11 October

The utterly repugnant and unjustifiable events of the past few days have been too terrible to relay.


To read the responses of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Amnesty International click , HERE, HERE and HERE.


This page will now be paused out of respect and sympathy for the many innocent victims of the violence – of all races and nations – and their family and friends. All violence must cease.

6 October

It is with regret that we have to announce that Beth Winter MP will no longer be able to speak at the conference as previously advertized.


1 October

Ethnic cleansing? Just cut off their water supplies. You can take B'Tselem's word for it. Click HERE


27 September

Desecrating Muslim graves? Click HERE


25 September

Help to spread news of the conference.Please retweet. Click HERE

13 September

B'Tselem reports the shooting by the police of a father of two toddlers. Click HERE.

10 September

Israeli settlers burn down 1,000 year old Palestinian olive trees. Click HERE

8 September

It's not just a matter of apartheid. Ethnic cleansing, too. And the Bedouin are being targeted. Click HERE.

8 September

It comes to something when the ex-Head of Mossad says that Israel is inflicting apartheid on the Palestinians. For the Guardian article (previously in Haaretz). Click HERE.

4 September

Administrative detention is a major tool of oppression and its use is growing. Click HERE.


31 August

The settlers' violence against the Palestinians is beyond belief. And its supported by the police. Click HERE and HERE.


30 August

Ben Gvir: “My right, my wife’s right, my kids’ right to move around freely on the roads of Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] is more important than that of the Arabs.” Click HERE.


28 August

The statistics on the deaths of Palestinian children tell their own story. Click HERE.

21 August

Interesting Guardian article in which an apartheid denier declares that he has changed his mind. Click HERE.

7 August

Beth Winter MP has agreed to speak at the Conference in the session on Obtaining Justice for the Palestinians.


30 July

We have to do everything possible to prevent all violence against the Palestinians - including settlers burning their fields. Click HERE.


29 July

Betty and Dave's Garden Party survives rain showers and an enjoyable garden party makes nearly £300 towards the costs of running the conference.

28 July

Blocking water supply of Palestinian village. Watch Al Jazeera footage HERE


26 July

Thank goodness for the integrity of the Portuguese Parliament in acknowledging the Nakba and condemning Israel's illegal actions. Click HERE


26 July

Imagine what it is like living in Massafer-Yattta. View HERE

25 July

Attacks omn Palestinian fisherman. Another crime on the charge list. View HERE.


16 July

It's refreshing t see a Tory MP saying that the UK continues to maintain a pro-Israel bias despite repeated violations of international law. Click HERE.

15 July

Israeli Defence Forces brutally beat up a defenceless civilian on the street. For this video, posted by Husam Zomlot, a major speaker at our conference, click HERE.

8 July

Anyone who still believes that Israel is a liberal democracy should watch this clip of an incident in the Knesset. During the vote on a ‘special bill to combat terrorism’, Arab Israeli politician Ayman Odeh was kicked off the podium after his support for Palestinians in Jenin sparked outrage.  Click HERE.

4 July

Appalling photographs in Al Jazeera's report on the second day of Israel's assault on Jenin. Click HERE.


3 July

The Israeli military has launched a major air and ground assault in Jenin refugee camp, in the north of the occupied West Bank.

At least eight Palestinians have been killed and more than 50 others wounded in the ongoing raid.

To read the BBC report click HERE

1 July

"In the past six months alone, Israel has approved the construction of 13,000 new settlement units, breaking the previous mark for the most settlement units approved in a single year." To read the full article click HERE

21 June

400 settlers descended from the West Bank settlement of Shilo and torched cars and houses in the Palestinian village of Turmus Ayya under the eyes of the Israeli security forces. Click HERE.


19 June

6 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in Jenin Refugee Camp. One victim, a 15-year old boy, was the 22nd Palestinian child to be killed by Israeli Security forces on the occupied West Bank this year. Click here for video


19 June

Today the government has tabled its long threatened ‘Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) bill,’ or anti-boycott bill. If passed, this toxic piece of legislation will prevent public bodies, like local councils or universities, from cutting ties with companies engaged in human rights abuses or environmental destruction in any foreign country.


12 June

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi agrees to speak at conference

June 3

Omar Barghouti agrees to speak at conference

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